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Letter of Recommendation

If you need a letter of recommendation, e.g. for the application for a semester abroad, from our chair, please first write an email to ockenfels-gutachten(at) This e-mail should contain your current grade overview, your current curriculum vitae, relevant work references and, if available, a letter of motivation and the contact address to which the letter should be addressed. The latter is necessary as we only send letters of recommendation directly to the institution/company of your choice in order to maintain authenticity.

For the letter of recommendation, it is required that you have attended at least one lecture at our chair, that you can present a good to very good grade point average, and that you are at best personally known to us.

The request for a letter of recommendation must be submitted to us early enough to allow at least 4 weeks after the review of the application documents and, if necessary, a personal interview. Unfortunately, we cannot process requests at shorter notice.