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Teaching focus

Do you wish to learn more on how to reach clever decisions in strategic environments that require coordination, cooperation and competition? Have you ever wondered how effective incentive structures and markets should be designed? If you are interested in these questions, you should consider taking our courses!

In our lecture on “Game Theory and Strategic Thinking” you will learn how to adopt rational strategies in economic and social situations. Our lecture on “Experimental Economic Research” will additionally teach you – among other things – when and how humans deviate from the rationality principle. These deviations should be incorporated by smart players. On the basis of sound behavioural scientific knowledge, our lecture on “Economic Engineering” addresses how viable incentive systems should be built and how markets should be designed.

Conceptually, all three courses complement each other to provide a supplement to other microeconomic courses at our faculty. For instance, we contribute to the fields of “Economic Design and Behaviour” and “Markets and Institutions” as well as to our bachelor and master seminars.

Completion of our courses will familiarise you with the underlying principles of rational and human behaviour in economic contexts. You will be enabled to make better decisions and to design effective economic and social institutions. At the same time, we will address the latest results in economics in our lectures, including Nobel Prize-winning work of the following scientists: