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Research Seminar in Applied Microeconomics

Seminar [Nr: 14253.0031]

Di. 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr in Raum 3.206, Studierenden-Service-Center (3. Etage)

[Termin- und Raumänderungen unter Vorbehalt]

Prof. Dr. Alos-Ferrer, Prof. Dr. Oliver Gürtler, Prof. Dr. Bernd Irlenbusch, Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels, Prof. Dr. Bettina Rockenbach, Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka

Interessierte, die einen Vortrag halten möchten, wenden sich bitte an Susanne Ludewig-Greiner (s.ludewig(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de).



Sebastian Mertesacker (UoC)


Sebastian Schneiders (UoC)

Dynamic Household Demand for Energy Saving Investments: An Empirical Analysis Using Household Survey Data


Sustained Aid Dependency, Self-Affirmation and Productivity: A Field Experiment in Rural Namibia

8.11.2016Lijia Tan (UoC)Procurement in the Presence of Supply Disruptions
15.11.2016Hendrik Beiler (UoC)The Effect of Firm Entry Deregulation on Industry Dynamics and Employment
22.11.2016Lea Cassar (UoC)Efficiency wages with motivated agents
29.11.2016Andreas Knaut (UoC)Retail Unbundling and Tariff Design in Electricity Markets
6.12.2016Timo Vogelsang (UoC)Leisure Time as Compensation - Reducing Moral Hazard and Motivation Crowding-Out
13.12.2016Omar Bamieh (EUI Florenz)Firing Costs and Employment Inaction
20.12.2016Anna Untertrifaller (UoC)Family Background and Cooperation of Young Children in a Prisoner's Dilemma
10.01.2017Anna Kerkhof (UoC)Coverage bias on Wikipedia? Evidence from biographies of German Members of Parliament
24.01.2017Lea M. Petters (UoC)A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? How Affirmative Action Distorts the Evaluation of Peer's Work
31.01.2017Jesper Hansen (UoC)

Reasonable Choice vs. Rational Choice


07.02.2017Eeva Mauring (University of Vienna)Learning from Trades