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In order to participate in the exams you need to register on time. You can find detailed information and the registration form at the hompage of the Examination Office (Information).

Fast Exam Correction

In general, fast exam correction is allowed only in exceptional cases, i.e. if you want to change the university or if you are about to leave the university for some reason. If you need fast exam correction you must send an informal letter of request, including the reasons for fast correction, your personal data and the date your exam grade is needed, by mail.

Inspecting Your Exam Results

You have the possibility to inspect your results. To do this you have to send a formal letter of registration within a preset deadline. All inspections take place on one and the same day, which is announced in advance. We cannnot offer any individual appointments for discussion of the exam results. We also cannot take into considerations any registrations after the deadline.

After the registration you will recieve an email with all relevant information about the time and place you can inspect your exam results. Remember to carry an ID or an examination-ID with you. If you are unable to attend the inspection appointment in person, you can authorize in writing another person of your choice to do the inspection for you. The person you have authorized should also have an ID with them.

Information about the opportunities to inspect your current exam results are posted on our homepage.

Request for Grade Revision

Grade revision does not mean that you are entitled to have your complete exam papers revised. Grade revision only allows you to request correction of flawed allocation of points. Hence, being unhappy with your results does not automatically entitle you to grade revision.

In your written request you have to explicitly name the exact flaws in the point allocation. Not being able to understand how the total exam points add together or needing just a few more points in order to pass the exam are insufficient justifications for a grad revision. If you think that for a certain response to an exam question you have unfairly received too few points, you need to name exact reasons for the unfairness and back up your argumentation with quotations from the respective literature or lecture materials. If you feel that the total of your points has been wrongly added together or a whole section of your exam papers has been ignored, then the justification for your revision request doest not need to be that long. The examiners are required to revise only the points, exam problems or parts of an exam problem, you have explicitly named in your justification of the request.

Only after you hav inspected your exam results are you allowed to request grade revision. You can only do that immediatley after the inspection of the results through submitting a written request, which should include your full name, postal address, examination number or number of matriculation and your signature. Revision requests without results inspection cannot be tanken into respected.